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Reserve Planning and Budgeting

All building and landscape maintenance is predictable and can be scheduled, budgeted and planned for. Some tasks like painting, deck coating and paving sealing need to be completely redone every 3-5 years.

Other tasks such as roofing replacement and the replacement of some types of siding can be generally predicted and budgeted for, yet need to be regularly inspected before the scheduled date to see if the work should be moved forward or postponed.

Still other maintenance, such as elevator reconstruction/replacement, repiping or repaving is inevitable yet does not need to be done very often. It still needs to be reserved for.

Nobody likes surprises. Our surveys, estimates of a building or hardscape componentís working life and the cost of itsí replacement or repair will go a long way towards keeping your maintenance or reserve budget on a solid level footing.

Please call or email ERTECH, Inc. to begin a discussion of your particular goals. Our initial consultation is free.

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