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Nobody expects it, but piping does wear out.

Galvanized pipe fills with rust and scale. Copper pipe develops pinholes from electrolysis, sometimes from decades of chemically treated water. Buried piping often fails because of electric currents in the soil put there by grounding rods doing what they were meant to do. Even wastewater piping fills with corrosion and sludge and occasionally has to be replaced.

Repiping can cause considerable disruption for residents, as walls and ceilings must be opened for installation work. 

Worse yet, not every plumbing contractor is qualified to accomplish a major repiping project, nor are all contractors insured to work on condominiums.

Our services will minimize the disruption and ensure that the work is clearly, neatly and professionally done.

Please call or email ERTECH, Inc. to begin a discussion of your particular goals. Our initial consultation is free.

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