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Windows and walls leak. Doors leak. Water gets between stucco and wood trim. Balcony decks leak. Plazas leak into parking spaced beneath. Upper garage levels leak into lower levels. Below-grade walls leak. Restaurant kitchens leak gray water into office and sales spaces beneath (yuk!)

There is no end to the difficulty that water getting in where it shouldn’t will cause.

For more than 30 years we’ve been easing the management headaches that leaks cause, from concrete high-rises exposed to the San Francisco Bay winds, to kitchen overflows above the Bank of America executive club; from Tiffany’s to the San Francisco Stock Exchange, from worn-out below-grade waterproofing to deck coating failures at properties all over the state.

From sheet membranes to liquid ones, caulking to grout injection, if you’ve got leaks we will find them and get them stopped for you; permanently and quickly.

Please call or email ERTECH, Inc. to begin a discussion of your particular goals. Our initial consultation is free.

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