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Building owners, property managers and homeowners all understand that a sound roof is not only an asset, but a requirement. The roof is the asset that protects all the other assets: residents, workers, equipment, health and safety. A poorly installed, damaged or leaking roof can waste more money in repairs, lost sales and lost production that the cost of the roof itself.

We founded ERTECH, Inc. to save you that money,

ERTECH, Inc, is a single source, full service roofing and waterproofing consulting/inspection firm.

ERTECH, Inc. can provide you with all of the consulting, testing, design, cost estimating and quality control services you need or desire.

ERTECH, Inc. senior staff members each have more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry encompassing inspection, designing and managing both large and small projects. We have managed more than two hundred million square feet of roofing throughout the western United States, and have proven our ability to ensure that our clients receive a quality, problem-free project.

ERTECH, Inc. can provide support and assistance to your technical personnel by inspecting, designing, managing and property implementing any size or type of roofing or waterproofing project you have in mind.

With today’s emphasis on specialization, many consultants focus themselves in one or two areas of special services. As a result, many developers/general contractors either have to use several different consultants or oversee portions of the project themselves. By employing ERTECH, Inc. you can insure a single-source, cost effective, long term solution to all of your roofing/waterproofing problems with any part of your building.

Please call or email ERTECH, Inc. to begin a discussion of your particular goals. Our initial consultation is free.

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