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An accurate assessment of the current condition of your property is important before spending decisions are made. Limited maintenance budgets today make effective maintenance and replacement programs that fully maximize the return on your investment dollar essential.

Extending the service life of all components of your property can lower or postpone capital expenses.

Our goal is to put you in a position to make informed decisions about the right plan for your facility.  Our surveys and reports prevent damage to you facilities due to improper maintenance by making you aware of problems and giving you the tools to correct them.  Our evaluation of your options and recommendations of alternate solutions can cut your costs and eliminate unnecessary expenditures.

Our surveys can provide you with a review of the entire exterior building system. This includes inspection of roof mounted equipment, ductwork and supports, curtain walls, doors, windows, post-tensioned slabs, below-grade walls and on-grade slabs.

We can provide all sorts of testing including infrared and other moisture or leak surveys if needed. In addition we can do any necessary sampling and testing for asbestos, analyze your paving, and examine the site drainage.

ERTECH, Inc. is not affiliated with any manufacturer or contractor. This allows us to provide you with an unbiased opinion. We can assist you in reducing costs and extending your building components.

Please call or email ERTECH, Inc. to begin a discussion of your particular goals. Our initial consultation is free.

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